Something Less






Something Less


It could have been the weekend smile

Drunk and out of line

It could have been the way I feel

or what I cannot touch

I’ve never been that scared of feeling way too much

Hats off to the things I never said


I’m driving south in the summer heat

I’m saving up a seat

Someone might want to come along,

someone might need a ride

I need a new companion,

I hope she’ll be naked by tonight

Raise your glass to the truth that she does not know



I will rise above this need for love

And settle for something less

Then walk on ‘til the feeling’s gone

And take on loneliness


I will call you up at the end of miles

I’ll be begging for a smile

I’ll lose you twice all over again

before she’s getting dressed

I’m headed for the mountains

and maybe I’ll end up somewhere west

Save me something sweet if I come back