Loving Comes To Life



Loving Comes To Life


When they said «jump»

I took to greater hights and really dove

When they said «sit»

I really didn’t know which way to go

But I moved on

To places I thought I’d never learn to know


When she said «Hi»

I asked her

«How long do you think that I can stay»

I never tried

To pretend that I would ever go away

‘Til she left

I felt things I never thought that I would feel



If I had her I would never

Need a place to go

If she’d let me love her truly

She would really know

How loving comes to life


When I said «run»

She asked me

«How come you will always stay behind?»

I’d just begun

To think that I might once just cross over the line

And be sincere

Though I never thought

that it would hurt this much