Annie Leaving





Annie Leaving


It's closing in on Annie's breath

She's precious but so strong

She knows I'll keep her to my death

I guess she’ll think that's wrong


Annie left me still asleep

I woke up in a war

I never knew a soldier's weep

To be love’s lost encore



You should know the ways I wait for her

Now I wait by moving on

I see each way that she'll occur

And then every way she's gone

In every way she's gone


It's closing in on Annie's kiss

The sweetest I have known

The touch from her is only his

And mine was just a loan


Annie went to make love true

She's off to find a man

If she says she's in love with you

Please love her the best you can


She did not need a force to go

From nothing but her will

Now Annie's gone, I truly know

'Cause time is standing still