These Wounds





These Wounds


There's no room for faithless women here

There’s no need for heartless tramps

There's a bar room in hell

Where you can go to dance

Where you can dance


For all the emptiness inside your head

For all the dirt piles in your soul

You should know

I didn’t think no one could sink so low

This bitterness will not go cold

I don’t want to see you grow old



Yes, there were times I thought I loved you

These are times when I know I never did

But I wonder where

And I wonder who

And I wonder when

Yes, I wonder how

These wounds will ever heal


There is a silence here caused by your thoughts

A roaring loss of pride

I keep dreaming my dreams

The ones where you have died


There is a dignity you have never known

There is grace you’ll never see

I’ll go walking again

Knowing I am free