See No Evil







Was I to forget how to feel a touch

and not remember her caress

Am I not able to feel that much

unable to tell the best


I’m not in doubt I felt something

what it was I cannot tell

Never knowing what else she would bring

only it would do me well



I’ll go with you any damn road

I’d throw a mountain to the sea

I’ll take the toll, I’ll take the load

If you would go with me

´Cause I see no evil

I hear no evil from you


Had I seen some prettier face

and felt like setting on fire

Had I been in some different place

would I’ve felt that desire




Well, man and woman will wander

walk on sometimes as friends

Believe me, love, it's a wonder

Above it all no love ends

Truth at last - I am in need

Of your need in me

Youth is past - I did not go free

I don't know if I want to be