What I Get





What I Get


Come to me when light has settled in your dust

Come stay around when you don’t hurt me anymore

I will not love you now, but then again might just

When all this pain of mine don’t hurt as much as yours


I will pretend that love’s a feeling I forget

You might act like it’s a memory to erase

In the end I will forget we ever met

Then you’ll remind me how you left in many ways


You were pleasing him for pleasure and teasing me for fun

Can’t you please me with the gesture of telling me

How many more mistakes I have to make before it’s wrong



I can find my way around

But I can’t find no reason why you let me down

I was lost when we first met

I don’t know if I wanted to be found

If this is how it gets


Stay away until you’re bent back into shape

Why don’t you try to let some bastard grind you down

You may not love me ‘til it’s getting very late

Around the time you’ll see me moving out of town