Sweet Dreams








Sweet Dreams


The lights have gone out now - I'm not moving anymore

I was looking for a lover, but I don't know what for

I fell on broken dreams - I got up on alcohol

I won't go home this time, when I hear the last call

Sweet dreams are never made of this

Then again, it's the music that I miss


Annie's gone again - she won't be back no more

Josephine is coming, it'll all be like before

But I don't know if I need her, like I needed Beatrice

Guess I need a lover, who don't know what love is

Sweet dreams are never made of love

Then again, I can't say what it's made of




I know the birds will start to sing

With the rays of the morning

I know the season’s turned to spring

And in a way I heard the warning

By the sound of hearts breaking

Lovers leaving love lost in a cry



I’m holding out my hand – reaching for your touch

I’m not reaching for a woman, I can’t ask for that much

Annie left her man – and I’m down on my knees

But she is not the one, I guess it’s still Louise

Sweet dreams are not without her face

Then again, she’s been gone for days