When all is left unsaid, there’s nothing more to say

Letters left unread, but hurt’s on display

What you need and what I want

Is more than we can give

I’m lost in the bottle, Johanna can’t forgive



If I could turn things around, trust me, I would

I wouldn’t let you down, you’d never think I could

But the way it is and the way it was

Is worse than we’d believe

I’m left in the corner, Johanna about to leave



Please don’t cry so viciously

Please don’t hurt so bad

Don’t let me be a devil or a saint, we both know what I ain’t

And right now I’m not feeling too good



If I could go back, I guess I’d stay the same

I’d know what I lack, but I’d never learn the game

But the way it was and the way it is

Is harder now it’s done

I’m left with a notion, Johanna is just gone